Three Trees Fibre Crafts Indie Dyed Hand Dyed 4ply Sock Superwash Merino Variegated turquoise bronze emerald yellow plum Bee Eater

Bee Eater

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Swathed in turquoise and bronze with blushes of emerald and yellow, speckled with plum, "Bee Eater" is a variegated colourway that echoes the bright plumage of the Rainbow Bee Beater. Found throughout mainland Australia, this native bird is a brilliant flier, catching it's insect prey mid flight in open forests near water.

Bee Eater is a colourway designed as a gradient with Remnants and Hummingbird.

We do recommend all our quality yarns be hand washed by gently soaking, put in a bag and dry spin on medium then lay flat to dry in shade.