Three Trees Fibre Crafts Indie Dyed Hand Dyed 8ply Woollen spun Non-Superwash Merino Possum Fur silvery blue- green Blue Gum

Blue Gum (Yeti 8ply)

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 Probably the most recognisable of Australian trees the Eucalyptus or gum tree has many species that come in a variety of sizes and colours according to their environment. Wielding a distinctive scent, the oil and leaves of the gum tree have been used in medicine and aromatherapy to promote good health and cleansing. On warm days Eucalyptus groves have been known to produce a blue haze or mist caused by the high oil content in the leaves and vaporizing organic compounds. The iconic Blue Mountain ranges in New South Wales is named after this process. 

Our silvery blue- green colourway "Blue Gum" encapsulates the peace and purity of these beautiful and stalwart trees.  

Be refreshed with silvery Blue Gum alone, or compliment with any of our other offerings on the Yeti base.

Yeti - 8ply 4 fold DK Base (NZ)

Weight: 8ply (woollen spun non superwash)
Fibre: 80% Merino / 20% Possum Fur
Meterage:  238m approx / weight 100gm approx
Needle Size: 4mm-5mm
We do recommend all our quality yarns be hand washed by gently soaking, put in a bag and dry spin on medium then lay flat to dry in shade.