Collection: SRS Merino Singles DK Base (Kirchelly Textiles Wyong)

SRS Merino Singles DK Base (Kirchelly Textiles Wyong)

Weight: Singles DK (8ply equivalent)
Fibre: 100% Non Superwash SRS Merino Single Source
Meterage:  190m / weight 100gm (approx)
Characteristics: 100% Non-Mulesed SRS Merino single spun product which is cloud like and gorgeously soft, natural yarn base.
Use: Perfect for Shawls, Cowls and soft drapey items.

The property that the wool is sourced from is 6th generation merino. They have approx.. 9000 Soft Rolling Skin (SRS) Merino Sheep that produce the fleece that that this yarn base is spun from. The SRS Merino is fast growing with a high crimp that binds particularly well in the milling process and is renowned for its low itch feel. The SRS Merino sheep are smooth bodied, naturally resistant to fly strike and never need to be mulesed. The farm maintains 3 male mobs of about 250 sheep per mob. The males are left additional time prior to sheering to allow for the fleece to get to around 100mm or four inches to create the best of yarns .

Mt Bodangora is grown under the ‘SustainaWOOL’ integrity scheme. This is an accreditation program run by Italian woollen mills to promote “sustainable production of superfine wool with emphasis on wool produced under natural pastoral / grazing conditions and with the highest regard to the environment and the animal

Care: We do recommend all our quality yarns be hand washed by gently soaking, put in a bag and dry spin on medium then lay flat to dry in shade.

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