KineticKnits Story

Hello and welcome, thank you for visiting KineticKnits! Hand made knitted accessories. 

Towards the end of 2020, after months in lockdown, unable to work (either as Barre/Yoga/Pilates instructor or as Choreographer/Dancer) I was feeling stressed and bored. Mum (ThreeTrees herself) sent  me a care package of needles, patterns and left over yarn to my apartment in Melbourne.

Through a combination of tutorials on YouTube and video calls with mum I began my knitting journey. My first project was a pair of "Rye Light" socks which I decided (with all the stifled creative ambition lockdown had created) to work in two colours. A new love was born. This was something that could keep my hands and mind occupied and didn't require large amounts of space! At first I was adamant that I would only knit socks, after all there are so many different patterns, they are quick and I could even exercise whilst I knit! (Which I admit contributed to the name). A lot of friends and family members received socks for Christmas.

As usual to me it didn't take all that long before I wanted to branch out into new things. Gloves, beanies, cowls and now even shawls have joined the repertoire. I have even adapted and started to make new patterns of my own!

With regular lockdowns in Melbourne I frequently find myself without a source of income. So I decided to turn my new hobby into a possible source of small income. KineticKnits is name that describes my love for movement and new love for knitting. The items I knit are made to be worn and move with you through your day to day life. I hope that as I develop my skills and create new projects people will in turn enjoy them and be inspired.

I hope to increase the range of Made to Order items and if you have any requests I am happy to follow. Thanks for visiting and have a great day!