Our Story


Thank you for visiting Three Trees Fibre Crafts!

My name is Rhonda and I am the dyer behind the name. I am wife, best friend and motorbike riding buddy to Barry, who looks after the web store for me ( I could not do this without his unfailing support), and Mother to four amazing and unique adults of whom I am very proud.

I have been an avid sewer for many years, but when I discovered indie dyed yarn and independent designers I fell in love ("obsessed'' according to my youngest, Jonathan) with the craft of knitting. During 2020, my two daughters, Rebecca and Amanda, were in lockdown for many months in their apartment together. To my delight, they taught themselves to knit and after dyeing them an Advent Calendar another passion was born.

The concept for Three Trees Fibre Crafts comes from a love of walking among trees, their ambiance has made a permanent imprint on my heart. (A love which my eldest son Tristan shares, though his pursuits are of the cliff hanging, mountain climbing, rapid kayaking kind). Some of my earliest memories are of family walks in the sub-tropical rain-forests of North N.S.W. The susurrus of leaf, branch, trunk and twig in the wind has been a soothing music for me as I have shared many hopes and heartaches among the solid solemnity of trees. The presence of their strong, slow, timeless grace brings joy and serenity out of my internal chaos. Trees are a living community who support and encourage each other, just like I have found the community of Knitters and Yarn lovers the world over to be.

 With this in mind, and my two daughters sharing my passion, I chose the name Three Trees Fibre Crafts.

Inspiration, Joy and Serenity is what we hope to bring YOU, our family of yarn loving friends and I hope you find something in our humble little store that will do just that!